Helping Hand

February 12, 2010

Thin, pale and their skins burned in the sunlight as they work earnestly. They are just few examples of victims of poverty. They are the young children who work on one of the dangerous places, the street.

Last January 10, 2010,we were assigned to give foods to at least three street children. we decided to go in a grouop. There were four of us. We first started our adventure by deciding on what to buy for our little customers. After a few minutes, we started to set off and we went to Elena’s Barbeque and we ordered three burger steaks and softdrinks. After that,we decided on which place to look for street children and we came up with an idea of going to MS Supermarket in Marasbaras.

At first glance, we already noticed young boys at the parking area. They were looking after the vehicles of the customers of the supermarket and gets paid afterwards by the owners of the vehicles. We hesitated at first and after a few contradictions on who will approach them, I decided to go and ask. I approached the nearest boy, who at  that time, was helping a van owner to get out of the parking lot.

I started with asking him if we can interview them and the boy didn’t answer, feeling shy I guess. So we decided to approach the other kids who were huddled at a table. We got it to the point directly and told the children that we want to offer them lunch since it is already past 11:00.

At first,they were hesitant but then they agreed to our offer. The only problem was that we only bought three foodpacks and yet there are at least 8 children there so waht we did was that, we told them to share while we buy burgers to supply to other children.

I watched them as they were eating and I felt pity for them. Imagine boys their age working to help their parents in sustaining their needs. We also started asking questions which they answered attentively.

The facts we learned were those young boys are tempted to work because of lack of income of their parents which cannot support their whole family. One little boy said that there are seven children in their family and their father works as a carpenter only. Another said that they are six children and their father doesn’t have permanent job. They said that they felt the urge of helping and that they badly needed. Cooperation as they call it.

After eating, we saw the sparkle in their eyes as they say thank you to our little help.

If only their parents have enough money to sustain their family needs, then these children should stay and play or do other activities like what other children do.


Hello world!

January 8, 2010

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